To travel is to live

We believe in adventure, the kind you can’t just buy off the peg. Snorkeling in Galapagos, hiking through Patagonia, eating tapas in the barrios of Seville. The kind that starts with those curious enough to seek it, who come back from their travels feeling more alive than when they left.


Great trips don't start with a tick-box

Choosing a holiday - surely up there with one of life’s great pleasures? So why follow the same path everyone else does when taking your well-earned trip? We like to experience places a little more deeply, even when they’re better known.

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Go way, way, way off the beaten track

Sometimes, it’s good to feel small. Because as much as we love the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires, there are other pleasures to be had in a places where it feels like no other human has ever set foot.

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Don't fence me in

As any explorer knows, one of the joys of travelling is finding those places that aren’t in any guidebooks. But when life is busy and time is short, it’s time to rely on like-minded people for help. Which is where we come in.

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