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This is the bit where we tell you all about who you are.

Only joking.

But this is a chance for us to set out our stall a little in order for you to decide if we sound as if we understand what it is that you look for in a holiday.

I'm enjoying my retirement – I'm not old yet and I'll keep discovering as long as I can. Quote open inverted Quote close inverted
I'm enjoying my freedom – I work hard to earn holidays to the places I've always wanted to see. Quote open inverted Quote close inverted
I'm enjoying my family – the children are at an age where we can really begin to enjoy the same things on holiday. Quote open inverted Quote close inverted

However, more important than trying to pigeonhole you, is to find out what kind of traveller you are. Fundamentally, if you travel to switch on, rather than to switch off, you are in the right place.

Relaxing on holiday doesn't have to mean zoning out on a sun bed. For busy people living full lives, it's not an option to simply switch our brains to neutral.

Instead, it's about switching on our minds in different ways, replacing the soundtrack of the every day with a new music. Trying ceviche in Peru. Discovering the Picos de Europa mountains in Spain. Meeting the Huaorani people of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Experiences which switch on the curious, the adventurous you.

If this sounds like you, start exploring our site or why not pick up the phone or drop us a line now?

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