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Pictures & social media

We are very proud of the images on this site. They are, in very large part, pictures taken by members of the Pura Aventura team on our travels. We are also lucky to have clients who, over the years, have been kind enough to send us their own photos to use. There are some instances where we have used photos provided by our suppliers – in particular for things like hotel rooms but we try to limit those.

All images are copyrighted so must not be used without the express permission of the copyright owner. We have taken care to tag each image with the relevant copyright information – please notify us immediately if you think you have spotted a mistake anywhere on the site.

Social Media

We have been investing in our social media presence in earnest since 2011. A great deal of effort goes in to finding stories which we think you will enjoy, assuming you have at least a passing interest in all things Hispanic. We also put a lot of time into creating our own original content with our regular blog articles, photos and videos.

Our main channels are Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. On each of these we have multiple daily postings, stories, images, videos, etc. We would love you to +1, follow, like or favourite us in any of these spaces.

Even if you are not part of a social media network, you can still enjoy our hard work in the form of our weekly news roundup, The Pura Weekly. Essentially this presents everything that we have put out there in the past week and presents it in the format of a newspaper on your screen.

You can click through to read stories without ever having to log in anywhere. If you subscribe to The Pura Weekly then you will get an email once a week with a link to the latest edition.

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