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Responsible travel

When we travel to any part of Spain or Latin America, we want to leave with the feeling that we know the place, not just that we have seen it. Pura Aventura was started in order to share the magnificent places we have been lucky enough to experience with others.

Because half of us are Spanish and all of us have spent significant amounts of time in different parts of South America, we have very strong opinions about the things we want to share with you.

The truth is that the traditional tour operator model of outsourcing the development and delivery of trips to third parties based in-country rarely resulted in trips that we consider ‘good enough’.

This traditional model also tends to lead you, the consumer, to see lots of suspiciously similar looking trips being marketed by tour operators telling you how unique they are.


When we say ‘we don’t sell you a holiday, we make you a holiday’, it’s true. From the start, we have created a model whereby we work directly with a very large number of small businesses across Spain and Latin America.

We have drivers in Patagonia, guides on the Inca Trail, hoteliers in Patagonia and restaurants in the Spanish mountains with whom we have worked for years. And that means that you won’t find the trips that we do available from anyone else.

It also means that sustainable and responsible travel is part of our DNA. Everything we have ever done is fuelled by a respect for the partners with whom we work. Done right, tourism is a great engine of income generation for people who are living in remote but beautiful areas.

By dint of having these direct relationships throughout the regions in which we work, we ‘do tourism’ right. Fair money is paid for services and it gets there directly, normally long before you arrive. Of course, this in turn impacts the way that you, our clients, are received.

Whilst it’s lovely to simply spend time in the great outdoors, by embedding interaction with your hosts you go from seeing a place to knowing it, even if only somewhat.

Be it breaking bread with the shepherds in the high summer pastures of the Picos de Europa or kicking a ball with a child on a floating reed island in Lake Titicaca, we travel as guests: with respect, curiosity, appreciation and engagement.

Alejandro and his lovely family couldn't have been kinder or more welcoming hosts. He also took us up into the hills to pick more cherries, yet another brilliant experience! Quote open Quote close
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