Tais joins the Pura team |
Tais Romagosa joins the Pura Team

Tais joins the Pura team

We think it is time to introduce you with Tais Romagosa, as she joined the team in late 2014. Tais role here at Pura is primarily in operations so she is part of the team who make sure that your holidays happen as they are supposed to: she ensures that all the details are correct, check the bookings and create your personal holiday pack. She also liaises with our partners abroad.

Originally from Spain, Tais actually has a Spanish father and an English mother. Since she lived in Barcelona and Brighton for many years she really feels part of both cultures.

Tais has always enjoyed learning languages as she says this opens the doors to new cultures and discoveries. This curiosity led her to study French and Italian at the University of Sussex in Brighton, included a year living in Rome.

‘It was one of the best experiences of my life and has made me more adventurous, I am now keen to explore other parts of the world.’

Whilst living in Italy she also spent some time traveling around the country, staying in different cities, visiting museums, exploring the sights and of course trying the local cuisine!

When being in Spain, she loves spending time in the countryside. Every year, Tais retreats to her grandmother’s house in the Pyrenees where she enjoys going on excursions along the mountains and forests to admire the outstanding nature.

Reading is also another of her passion, she especially read books which introduce her to new places and ideas: ‘I love the way reading a book allows you to become immersed in another world.’ And she has an ever-increasing wish list of destinations, with South America at the top of her list!

Tais is here on the end of the phone 01273 676 712 to organise your bookings in Spain and Latin America, in the meantime here she lives her top tip:

‘Live as the locals do, follow their pace of life, immerse yourself in the culture, the food and customs as much as possible. This will allow you to truly experience the local way of life and see the area at it’s most lively and colourful.’

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