Best time to go to Chapada Diamantina |

Best time to go to Chapada Diamantina

The Chapada Diamantina is genuinely a year-round destination because its climate does not suffer extremes.


The rainy season normally runs from November to March and the dry season from August to October, with April to July being in-between. The Chapada Diamantina’s seasons aren’t extreme: there is normally some rainfall year-round and the wet season is not extremely wet.

The altitude (mostly between 400 and 1500m) means typical daytime temperatures are comfortable in the 20s year-round. It does get cool at night – especially in the mountains themselves.


Beware the sun. The altitude, pleasant breeze and deceptively moderate temperatures can disguise the strength of the sun so we’d strongly recommend wearing a hat, long-sleeves and good sun-cream. See our what to pack guide for more advice.

When To Go

Nov to Jan It’s warm and the rainy season. You’ll get rained on a bit, but the waterfalls will be spectacular and the rivers full.

Feb Still warm and rainy. It’s also Carnaval time, which is a huge holiday across the country. You’ll be in for an even-bigger-than-normal musical feast in Salvador at Carnaval time. The downside is that things may be closed or full with everyone partying.

Mar Rainy season coming to an end. Still warm.

Apr to May Now less rain, getting a little cooler. May is often said to be a great time to visit because it’s less rainy but the waterfalls are still flowing.

Jun to Jul Mostly dry but cooler. Locals may say that the water is “”too cold”” for swimming at this time of year, though we’d probably still find it pleasant.

Aug to Oct Now the dry season (though there is usually some rain). Temperatures are pleasant and warming up after the cooler months if June and July. There’s plenty of sun and it’s beautiful walking, though if there hasn’t been recent rain then many waterfalls may have dried up or be less-than-spectacular.