Guide to Santiago: Transport |

Guide to Santiago: Transport

When staying in Santiago during a holiday to Chile, you are likely to find that taxis are your best bet for getting around quickly an easily.


Most visitors to Santiago are going to be moving between the central area (Alameda) and the eastern suburbs of Providencia and Las Condes.

End to end on a clear run, this would involve a taxi ride of only about 10 or 15 minutes.


Because of this, you will in general tend to use taxis during a holiday to Chile.

Taxis are black with yellow roofs. Flag them down. Make sure that they only start the meter after you have got in.

The display should read 150 (i.e. 150 pesos). Taxis are safe, simple and largely honest.

Public Transport

If you prefer the idea of public transport, it is very good. Santiago now has an integrated transport policy which is the most advanced or at least ambitious in the developing world.

The metro, though not extensive, is fast, clean and efficient. The metro is clean, efficient, safe, fast, spacious and cheap – arguably the antithesis of the London Underground.

The red line is the useful one. For the main shopping area get off at Universidad de Chile.

Buses too are now first rate and easy to use. Gone are the racing yellow buses, Santiago now has implemented the most ambitious transport network in the developing world.

The bus lines and metro are integrated so one ticket can take you from one onto the other and back again.

For the bars & nightlife of Suecia get off at Pedro de Valdivia. For the restaurants of Bellavista, get off at Baquedano and walk across the river which brings you onto Pio Nono, the main street.