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Guide to Costa Rica: Flights

Direct flights to Costa Rica from the UK do not currently exist.

Iberia airlines fly non-stop from Madrid daily. Otherwise all other carriers route via the United States – usually Miami, New York, Atlanta or Houston.

There are many flights a day from the US down to Costa Rica, particularly from Miami.


International flight allowances vary between 23kg (European carriers) and 64kg (US carriers).

Passengers are responsible for their own excess baggage on international flights. Hand luggage is limited to 5kgs, not much more than a small day-pack.

On domestic flights baggage is strictly limited to 12kg per person.


For domestic flights 2 hours in advance; for international 3 hours.

Remember to pack any pocket-knives and sharp objects in your check-in luggage as security is tight in the airports.

You must pay a departure tax of US$26 locally at the airport when leaving Costa Rica. This can be paid in cash or by card.