Guide to Costa Rica: Safety |

Guide to Costa Rica: Safety

Costa Rica has one of the best standards of living for residents of any country in Latin America and therefore has a relatively low crime rate.


However, some parts are still poor and, as a result, opportunistic robbery is a potential problem. Use your common sense to make yourself less of a target.

You must exercise caution by spreading money and credit cards across several pockets and don’t wear jewellery or expensive watches or sunglasses.

When traveling in taxis, lock the doors and keep bags on the floor, at your feet rather than on your lap.

Theft from Cars

Theft from hire cars is a growing issue. Don’t leave valuables in the car and avoid leaving any belongings on display. Try to park in paid car parks which have an attendant watching the vehicles. Otherwise park on busy, well-lit main streets.

You may find in some areas that a local lad will offer to watch vehicle for you. It is best to agree and then tip them a few hundred colónes.

Swim Safety

You should take care when swimming anywhere in Costa Rica, but especially on the Caribbean coast where riptides are common.

Currents are particularly strong between December – April here, with big rollers. Extra caution should also be taken after heavy rainfall.

Most beaches outside the main resorts do not have lifeguards. Listen to reliable local advice.

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