Guide to Costa Rica: Shopping |

Guide to Costa Rica: Shopping

What to buy

You will find a large range of souvenir and gift shops around the country, specially in San José, Sarchí (a town with hundreds of traditional woodcraft shops) and in larger hotels.

Costa Rican artisans have a strong tradition of woodworking. The most attractive arts and crafts you will find in the country are made out of precious woods: bowls, boxes, jewelry, masks and mobiles.

You will also find nice jewelry, ceramics, handmade banana and coffee paper, leather goods, seed crafts, basketry and more.

Many of the souvenirs are made in other Central American countries, particularly neighbouring Nicaragua. This is particularly true of ceramic and textile crafts.

Coffee is also a good souvenir, and you can find high-quality Costa Rican brands in most supermarkets, with no need to pay inflated costs for export brands marketed at souvenir shops.

Ready to explore for yourself?

Discover Costa Rica on a Pura Aventura trip! A cloudforest one minute, the tropics the next – Costa Rica has ecological diversity unlike any other. It has head turning wildlife literally everywhere, from humming birds over breakfast to sea turtles at night. But we also love Costa Rica for being just such fantastic fun…

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