Events in Spain and Latin America, May 2016 |

Events in Spain and Latin America, May 2016

May is always lively down here on the South coast with the Brighton Festival, fringe and Great Escape music festival all conspiring to energise the city. Just over the hills, the rather more demure Glyndebourne Festival starts later this month.

Last week we were able to run a prize draw for our clients, the prize being coveted opening night tickets to the new production of The Barber of Seville at the Glyndebourne Festival. We have a couple of very happy winners coming down from Yorkshire to enjoy an evening in the Sussex countryside. For the rest of us, we have to be a little more patient and wait for a live screening on the 21st June. It is being shown in cinemas nationwide and also online on the Glyndebourne Festival site.

Spain manages to outdo Sussex with its festivals though. There is lots going on in Catalonia but the prize really has to go to Cordoba which has a flower battle, the courtyard festival whereby patios compete with one another to be crowned most beautiful. At the end of the month is the feria proper. I haven’t ever managed to get to the feria in Cordoba but have always been tempted by what is apparently a very friendly, open-door festival of guitar, dance, food and drink. Andalusia in May anyone?

Find below a round up of the most important festivals in Spain and Latin America this month.

events in may 2016


events in may 2016

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