Guide to Antarctica |

Guide to Antarctica

One of our clients recently summed up her holiday to Antarctica rather well:

Antarctica is like nowhere else on earth.

It is a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Penguins dancing around your feet, whales and dolphins following the boat, navigating past icebergs and glaciers while watching from the bridge and the most incredible sunsets are all memories I will keep for a long time.

The White Continent, as Antarctica is known, is one of the least visited places on earth. A truly pristine environment which must be preserved and respected for future generations.

Responsible Travel

At Pura Aventura we promote only responsible travel to Antarctica. In our opinion, well regulated small ship travel is the only sustainable means of tourism.

We are strongly of the opinion that flying to Antarctica is not acceptable as it will quickly lead to unsustainable increases in visitor numbers. Nor do we feel that large ships belong in such a sensitive environment.

The small ship crossing of the Drake Passage maintains the White Continent for those dedicated enough to make the crossing.

Pura Aventura is a member of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators.

As members of IAATO we are committed to procedures and guidelines that ensure appropriate, safe and
environmentally sound travel to the Antarctic.

Our Antarctic Boats

We work with a carefully chosen selection of small ships on our Antarctic cruise holidays.

With usually less than 100 passengers, there is no limit to the length of shore landings, and you will get more from your time in Antarctica.

The guides, zodiac drivers and lecturers on our Antarctic vessels are amongst the very best in the business making your holiday to Antarctica not only safer but also more interesting and rewarding.

All of our Antarctic boats are full members of IAATO.

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