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Test your knowledge on Spain and Latin America!

What is the Spanish word for anywhere wine is made, matured or sold?


Which Rioja wine company has a hotel designed by the world's famous arquitect Frank Gehry?

Marques de Riscal

Believe it or not Pink Dolphins exist, in which area of Latin America do you think you may find it?

Brazilian, Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon as well as in the Orinoco of Venezuela/Colombia are home to the Pink Dolphins. Probably the best place to see them is in northern Peru’s Amazon.

The Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan discovered a (barely) navigable passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The Strait of Magellan lies between mainland South America and what island archipelago shared by Argentina and Chile?

Tierra del Fuego

Which of these statements is false about Argentina? A. It is the fifth largest wine country in the world B. It imports 50% of its water from Chile C. Catena and Achaval Ferrer are two premier wineries D. It?s vineyards are irrigation dependent E. It contains the highest altitude vineyards in the world

The right answer is B. Salta, Cafayate and Colomé are the highest vineyards in the world. Argentina two premier wineries are Catena and Achaval Ferrer (Winespectator’s top ten wine of 2012). According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, Argentina is the fifth wine-producing country (China being very close!). The provinces of Mendoza and San Juan cover about 92% of the total area planted to wine grapes in Argentina!

Who do you think were the first to ride the train at the end of the world on Tierra del Fuego?


Guess which South American country has the "Hornero" as its national bird?


Do you know what the word 'Antarctica' means?

The literal meaning of ?Antarctica? is ?opposite the bear?. The ancient Greeks named the frozen north ?Arktikos? after their word for ?bear?, as the Great Bear (Ursa Major) is above the North Pole.

What distinctive characteristic makes the endemic Galapagos marine iguana so special?

It is the only lizard to swim in the ocean

Can you name the four Viceroyalties created in the New World by the Crown of Castile?

New Spain, New Granada, Peru, La Plata

La Rinconada is the highest city in the whole world (5,100m above the sea level), guess in which country of South America is it situated?


Can you guess the average population density in Patagonia? And as a comparison, the population density of central Barcelona?

1.9/km2 in Patagonia versus 40,000/km2 in Barcelona

Llamas (domesticated) and Guanacos (wild) are two of the four Camelids you can find in South America. Can you name the other two?

Vicuñas and Alpacas

What is the name of the most famous mountain range in Asturias, Spain?

Picos de Europa

Nevado Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano in the world, sits on a border that Argentina shares with what other country?

Nevado Ojos del Salado, the world’s highest stratovolcano, rises 6,887m along the border of Chile and Argentina

Which Spanish region is the second most mountainous region in Europe after Switzerland?


Brazil shares a common border with all South American countries except which two?

Ecuador and Chile

Which country of South America hosts the oldest National Park?

The first natural area designated as a National Park was the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park, previously named National Park of Carrasco, in Uruguay. It has been created in 1916.

How much do you think the mysterious 4-metre Moai Statues of Easter Island weigh on average?

The stone blocks, carved into head-and-torso figures weigh an average of 14 tons

Which area in Latin America is considered the wettest place on Earth?

Puerto Lopez de Micay, a town situated in Western Colombia, is the place with the largest measured rainfall in the world, averaging 12,890 mm. In the same area, in Lloró, it is said that during 1936 about 28,000 mm would have fallen

What is the fastest-moving reptile on Earth?

The leatherback turtle moves at 35.28 km per hour (21.92 mph) in the water!