Unsolicited part-time job offer with generous remuneration? |

Unsolicited part-time job offer with generous remuneration? File under ‘too good to be true’…

Some charmer has been sending out emails purporting to be from Pura Aventura (but actually originating from a variety of hotmail/gmail accounts). These emails contain an unsolicited job offer with a salary of $3,000 per month for about 6/8 hours work and then 5% of any payments processed.

For those thinking of contacting us about this ‘exciting opportunity’ – it’s a scam.

1) We don’t make unsolicited job offers.

2) We expect people to work for their income.

3) We have our own domain so don’t send things from free mail services like hotmail.

4) For jobs involving financial control, we would probably be expecting experience and qualifications in the financial sector.

I could go on but those three should help you identify the more obvious signs of a scam. We are in contact with both Google and Microsoft to shut accounts down as they appear, seems that Google are better at effecting an effective solution but we hope to be done with this soon.



P.s. if you do find a genuine job paying many thousands of dollars a month requiring you to get out of bed only occasionally, do please share as I am certain we’d all be delighted to sign up.

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