Pura Aventura Expert: Jaime |

Pura Aventura Expert: Jaime

Jaime is someone you would love to hate but it just isn’t possible. A ski and snowboard instructor who skis backwards better than most of us can go forwards. He is a professional photographer (mostly of snowboarding) of some considerable talent. He was also a rugby player of note and a catwalk model, of a bit less note. Most annoyingly of all, he’s just a lovely guy.

He lives in the gorgeous village of Cerler in the Spanish Pyrenees, skiing in the winter and adventuring in the summer in both the Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa.

Just to prove that we like our guides to be well rounded and interesting individuals.

Some of you will already know Jaime from the slopes of the Spanish Pyrenees where he leads our ski groups.

Others will have met him in the Picos de Europa where he helps out with our Family Adventure holidays. But there?s so much more to him than just that?

Ten years ago, Jaime was enjoying an, albeit brief, modelling career as well as playing rugby for the Spanish national team. Oh, and working as cabin crew with Iberia airlines.

In fact he was on the verge of being signed up by Wigan to play rugby league here in the UK when he was involved in a nasty traffic accident whilst travelling with one of Pura?s founders, Xabi Etxarri.

After a few months in traction next door to one another, they became best of buddies. That?s how Jaime came to be involved in Pura.

If you ask nicely, he’ll show you his quite spectacular leg scar.

Nowadays Jaime?s first love (with due respect to Adriana) is the snow, closely followed by photography. Much of Jaime?s photography ends up as front covers for snow board magazines in Spain, Italy, Germany, the States and the UK.

He is a ski/board instructor and chooses to spend his time, when not travelling for photo shoots, in the intimate Pyrenean resort of Cerler.

He is married in to local nobility, his partner being one of the last people to speak the indigenous language, Patues. Her father was one of the founders of the ski resort ? hiking up into the mountains with a shovel to dig holes in order to set up the ski lifts.