Guide to Salvador de Bahia: Restaurants |

Guide to Salvador de Bahia: Restaurants

It’s often said that the cuisine of Brazil is really the cuisine of Bahia, so Salvador is a great place to experience some great food. In large quantities.

You can read our guide to Brazilian food and drink for some vocabulary and tips on eating out.

Some restaurants

Restaurante Al Carmo Rua do Carmo 66. It has nice music and a terrace with views over the bay. A mix of Bahian and Italian cuisine. Service is very slow but that’s all part of the relaxed Bahian atmosphere.

In Pelourinho there are many more options. For a good fancy one try Restaurante Maria Mata Mouro on Rua 3o Ordem de São Francisco (just by the São Francisco church). Great food, stylish surroundings, great wine selection and pretty garden.

Another option, right in the busy area, more Bahian style but also fancy and good quality is Restaurante Dona Chika-ka at Rua Castro Rabelo 10, Pelourinho.

You could try the much-recommended Senac, which may look closed, but go up some stairs under the Teatro sign on Largo do Pelourinho and it’ll probably be open. It’s a buffet with a huge choice of Bahian dishes for which you pay a set R$28 per person (in 2008 anyway). The restaurant is quite big (100+ covers) and looks a bit of a tourist destination, but the food and service are good.