What a wonderful day in the Picos de Europa |

What a wonderful day in the Picos de Europa

Our two newest team members, Luisina and Laura, travelled together in June to the Picos de Europa to see for themselves why Pura clients love these little-known Spanish mountains.


Before joining the team at Pura Aventura, I have been reading about the majestic Picos de Europa. But honestly, I had never heard of them before getting into the Pura website!

Lost at the back of my mind were comments made by Spanish friends, talking about mysterious gorges carved deep in the mountain, challenging walks and forgotten villages.

I had “walked” around the Picos de Europa with the help of intrusive Google maps. But, well… there are no photos, nor 360° views that can closely compare with reality. Driving through the Hermida Gorge was quite a welcome. Neck hurting, trying to look up from the car to catch the summit of the massifs, any screen research I had done was left far behind.

We enjoyed walking along shady paths from village to village across the Liebana Valley.

It was like walking back in time… every step further from Potes was like moving decades away from the present. In every little village there were from 4 to 6 houses. Red geraniums thriving in every window and entrance door. We barely saw people around, either other walkers or locals. A single sleepy cat was the constant in every settlement we passed, as if guarding the past, making sure things were exactly as left there before, not letting any memory escape.

We met a few locals that day, each one lovely and caring. Nobody in a rush… there is no metro or train to catch!

They checked if we knew the way, and were happily giving directions in Spanish even before we asked.

Pedro jokingly tried to recruit us to help trim the weed to feed the animals, explaining that they gather the fodder (forraje) in summer to then feed the cattle in winter. We also walked past the Invernal (de Tolibe); one example of the shelters used in winter to keep the cattle warm and safe.

As we were lucky enough to be there in June, the wildflowers were in bloom, painting the landscape with exuberant colours. Walking down meadows carpeted with wildflowers felt surreal, like being in a movie… I felt I was on the set of The Sound of Music…

What a wonderful day!


Ready to explore for yourself?

Discover the Picos de Europa on a Pura Aventura trip! This is a place which almost immediately takes you out of the day to day. It might be the echoing cowbells or the constant flow of water. It might be the prospect of a lunch of wood-baked bread, cheese and chorizo made in the nearby village eaten high in the hills, or a harbourside feast of seafood fresh from the sea. There is something for pretty much everyone in the Picos de Europa, they just don’t know it yet…

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