Where to go in December |

Where to go in December

Find out our pick of the best sights in December.

CHILE: guanacos & glaciers 

Chile’s Carretera Austral is fantastic at this time of year. The weather should be as stable as it ever gets in Patagonia, with long days to explore the glaciers, forests, lakes, mountains and villages of this least known area of the country. The rivers are full from the meltwaters of the glaciers so rafting the Baker River should be great fun, as is watching the huge cascade at La Confluencia. Herds of guanaco roam the Parque Patagonia with their young – spectacular!

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COSTA RICA: peaceful roads & turtles

The transition into the dry season in the first half of December can be a great time to travel to Costa Rica, as everything is wonderfully lush after the rains, yet it’s very quiet prior to the peak Christmas rush. In the days leading up to the new moon, the ‘arribada’ of the Olive Ridley turtles in Ostional is the best of the year, when tens of thousands of turtles pile onto the beaches to lay their eggs in the sand.

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NICARAGUA: fiestas & islands

Nicaragua doesn’t receive as many visitors (even over peak season) as some of its neighbours, and this is the start of its dry season, so it makes for an excellent – and completely different – Christmas holiday destination. Nicaragua takes its annual festivities pretty seriously, and December is perhaps the biggest month. One which is especially fun takes place on the 7th, ‘La Gritería,’ (‘the shouting’) when cries and songs ring out to venerate the Virgin Mary, and firecrackers and fireworks are released in case she hasn’t heard the calls…

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