Where to go in November |

Where to go in November

Find out our pick of the best sights in November.

ANTARCTICA: ice & feathers

While the more ‘obvious’ time to visit Antarctica is in January-February for the most wildlife activity, November is an amazing time to go if the landscapes are what draws you the most. The icebergs are yet to melt down, the snowy mountains are pristine, as are the penguin rookeries. To say nothing of the penguins themselves – later in the season they are covered with guano – but November is the time to see their plumage gleaming white, making for the best photos. And the ice… As one guide told us, ‘I first came to Antarctica for the wildlife, what keeps me coming back is the ice.’

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GALAPAGOS: whales & iguana
The seasons are in transition with the warm waters of the Panama current pushing the cool Humbolt current back towards Antarctica, passing by the Galapagos Islands. With this movement come whales feasting on the plentiful plankton. As with every other month of the year, the land based animals provide a spectacular show for visitors.

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ARGENTINA: wine & horses
To avoid the heat and crowds of the peak summer months, this is a good time to go to central and northern Argentina. In Mendoza, cycling around the vineyards is a much more pleasant prospect than it will be in a month or two, and much less crowded too. For an iconic part of Argentine culture, in the capital you’ll find the Open Polo Championship, which is a great spectacle.

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