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Go way, way, way off the beaten track

Sometimes, it’s good to feel small. Because as much as we love the hustle and bustle of a city like Buenos Aires, there are other pleasures to be had in a places where it feels like no other human has ever set foot. Somewhere like the dunes and mountains of Salta or the shores of Antartica. Places where you stand silenced, knowing that the outdoors is truly great.

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21-day self-drive tour - £6,485pp

Travel the last 600km of the Carretera Austral through Chilean Patagonia's staggering landscapes of glaciers, forests, mountains and lakes on our flagship self-drive Carretera holiday.

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16-day private tour - £5,625pp

Salt flats, turquoise lagoons and colossal sand dunes: wilderness and profound silence. This is the great outdoors of Argentina’s north-west, is a place to appreciate nature’s total raw beauty and the luxury of having a private driver-guide.

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21-day cruise - £10,990pp

An outpost of Britain 8,000 miles from home. Desolate islands filled with millions of seabirds. And then you get to Antarctica. This expedition cruise is a comprehensive exploration of the south Atlantic and Antarctica’s wild landscapes and abundant wildlife.

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14-day private tour - £3,910pp

Watch hummingbirds battle for nectar as you sip your morning coffee in the cloudforest and seek out giant river otters as the sun sets in the Amazon. Mingle with the crowds at a thriving indigenous market and find solitude at a majestic crater lake, seen by few.

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14-day private tour - £3,955pp

Artists painting brightly coloured naïve art, howler monkeys dangling out of trees,horse drawn carriages rattling over colonial cobblestones and sea turtles swimming through clear blue waters. This is the Nicaragua most people don't see.

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14-day private tour - £3,660pp

From the wildlife packed waterways of the Pantanal to the dramatic hills of Rio and the beaches of beautiful Paraty bay, this tailor made holiday is perfect for adventurous families or groups of friends.

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Book Subscribe to The Pothole » Looking out from the observation tower of the Napo Wildlife Centre Roadside landscapes of the Carretera Austral. Walking across the sand dunes of Puna in Argentina's north west Zodiac approaching a penguin covered shoreline in Antarctica Laguna de Cuicocha in Imbabura Dugout canoes inside the Indio Maiz Natural Reserve in Nicaragua Beautiful sunrise over Paraty bay