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Latin America

Latin America is a spectacularly diverse, rich and intriguing region. There is as much separating a country like Nicaragua from a country like Chile as there is uniting them. What does tie these places together is that we love them and want to share them with you.

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No human population. The most hostile place on earth. A cold, dry place place hard to describe in words. And yet Antarctica is truly majestic. The force and power of nature dominates more than anywhere else.

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This vast country, with some of the most awesome landscapes in South America also begs you to join in with it and enjoy its irresistible mix of Latin and European cultures and cuisine.

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The giant of South America might be well known but it still has the power to surprise. We all know about Rio, the Amazon, Carnival and football but there’s so much more to experience beyond these...

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The physical beauty of Chile is perhaps well known, what is less expected is the fantastic quality of food and wine, the remarkable places to stay and the warmth of the people who look after you.

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A cloudforest one minute, the tropics the next - Costa Rica has ecological diversity unlike any other. It has head turning wildlife literally everywhere, from humming birds over breakfast to sea turtles at night.

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We love creating trips which tie together more than one part of South America. These are not to tick-box tours of a well-worn list of ‘highlights’ but instead are genuinely creative and imaginative journeys.

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Just your average volcano walking, cloudforest ogling, Amazon hiking, Galapagos sailing destination. For such a small country, Ecuador certainly packs an awful lot in. Which is precisely why it is such a great place to go.

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Here's something unusual in a country: people who are genuinely interested in sharing their country with you. Often overlooked, Nicaragua is a place of unexpected interactions as well as beautiful landscapes and rich wildlife.

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Where so much of South America stands out for its nature and landscapes, Peru has the added dimension of an incredibly rich vein of human history. It truly is the cultural crossroads of South America.

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Book Subscribe to The Pothole » Taking photos of a volcano north of Coyhaique Soaking up the view on a spectacular day on Danco Island Looking out to Cerro Torre at El Chalten Beautiful sunrise over the pier in Paraty Sunset from the Valle de la Luna in the Atacama Walking down to Rio Celeste waterfall in Volcano national park, Tenorio Peruvians wearing traditional clothes on a parade at Cusco’s Plaza de Armas Looking out from the observation tower of the Napo Wildlife Centre The roofs of Granada The Inca Trail ends with a walk down to Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate