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Because sometimes, more is more

We love creating active holidays which tie together more than one part of South or Central America. In fact, we consider it to be our speciality. These are not to tick-box tours of a well-worn list of ‘highlights’ but instead are genuinely creative and imaginative journeys. Combining a lot of destinations and experiences only makes sense if the trip flows and the pace allows you to enjoy and appreciate every piece of the journey. After all, who actually likes spending time in airport lounges?

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Feefo gold Brazil

Cities, deserts and beaches

From Buenos Aires to Rio via the silent landscapes of Salta, the noisy rainforests of Iguassu and the beaches of Paraty.

17-day private tour - £5,145pp

... Antarctica

Atacama, Patagonia, Antarctica

Incredible as Antarctica is, we also like time on dry land stretching our legs in the great outdoors.

29-day private tour - £13,725pp

... to Argentina

Carretera Austral, Torres del Paine & Cape Horn

Follow the epic Route of the Parks by land and sea, from the ancient forests of Pumalín all the way to legendary Cape Horn. Drive the Carretera Austral, hike in Torres del Paine and cruise through Tierra del Fuego. It's part self-drive, part cruise jumping over the border between Chile and Argentina.

45-day self-drive tour - £14,430pp Peru

Atacama, Uyuni and Titicaca

Vast landscapes and vast skies dominate this high altitude journey from Chile, through Bolivia to Peru.

17-day private tour - £6,415pp Nicaragua

Wildlife paradise

Crowds are the last thing you want when you are looking for wildlife, which is why this journey up through wildlife blessed Nicaragua takes you to places others have never heard of.

16-day private tour - £3,100pp Costa Rica

Cultures, landscapes, beaches

This journey leads you through six completely different places which encapsulate the best of the isthmus.

18-day private tour - £3,805pp Galapagos

Inca Trail, sailing and wildlife

Combine the challenge of our Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu with a week spent with the fearless wildlife of the Galapagos Islands.

18-day private tour - £9,930pp Brazil

Inca Trail, Iguassu, Paraty

A striking combination of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, the mighty Iguassu falls and the colonial town and beaches of Paraty.

15-day private tour - £4,310pp

Book Subscribe to The Pothole » Crossing the border between Peru and Bolivia at Lake Titicaca The heart of colonial Paraty A chinstrap penguin in full mating cry Roadside landscapes of the Carretera Austral. Back breaking work on the Uyuni Salt Flats Howler monkey sitting in a tree above the Las Isletas islands in Lake Nicaragua Driving to Tenorio Volcano NP, Costa Rica Bartolome island in the Galapagos archipelago Classic view of Machu Picchu