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7 reasons to visit Portugal's Alentejo with Pura Aventura

Written by Pura Aventura | 31st July 2020 |

Category: Places, Portugal

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From greeting the cork oak harvesters of the Montado, to peering at Évora's eery chapel of bones and watching the world's only coastal nesting storks on the Atlantic, Alentejo's experiences reflect the full diversity you'd wish for on a trip which swings you across Portugal, east to west, forested hills to untamed coast.

Here are seven, of many, reasons why we'd love to share this beautifully unspoilt swathe of southern Portugal with you.

#1. A journey across Portugal, by road or on foot

A stop to enjoy the views along the Rota Vicentina

"From Lisbon down, our Alentejo journeys carry you 300 kilometres south-west, from the forested mountains next to the Spanish border all the way out the fishermen trails of a wild coastline, where the Atlantic first touches down on mainland European shores."

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#2. Magic of the Montado

A classic Portuguese montado landscape

"The green stands of cork and Mediterranean holm oaks turn the flowing plains of the Alentejo into a romantic and enchanting place of sun and shadows. The trees are scattered at spaced intervals, providing shade and food for the prized black pigs of the area, who hungrily snaffle up the acorns."

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#3. Évora’s sage advice

A shady square in Évora

"This little chapel is lined with bones and skulls of about 5,000 souls, and is somehow quite peaceful and moving, if (unsurprisingly) a little sombre, being dedicated to the futility of life and such. But there’s something rather uplifting, or better yet let’s call it inspiring, about a little poem on display which invites visitors to stop rushing and running around, calm down, slow your pace and enjoy life while you can."

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#4. Medieval Marvão

Walking on the walls of Marvao's castle

"Climbing up the medieval cobbled pathway, crossing into Dom Dinis’ 13th century castle and sweeping your eyes across the views of the Tejo river valley, you can quite understand what might have moved Portuguese Nobel prize winner Jose Saramago to exclaim that "from Marvão, you can see the whole earth"."

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#5. Fishermen trails & fish on your plate

Hiking along the Rota Vicentina

"While there’s no shortage of options for relaxing, mooching and pottering here, it’ll probably come as no surprise that our favourite way of doing just that is to pull on our boots and go for a walk along the coastal paths. Helpfully in that regard, a network of Fishermen Trails - the Rota Vicentina - snakes its way along the coast."

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#6. Special places to stay

The perfect coastal retreat in Alentejo

"We know that for every backroad village, cork oak forest or hilltop castle, there’s those quiet moments when you sit yourself down in front of a big roaring fire when it’s chilly outside, by the pool when the sun is out, a glass of something local in hand, a home-cooked dinner on the way and a friendly host to share your day’s travels with. Nowhere to go, nothing to be done."

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#7. Lisbon like a local

Luis, our all terrain guide in Portugal

"Whether you’re walking or driving, all roads eventually lead to Lisbon to head for home. But spare us a couple of days here and we’ll share this wonderfully textured city in our own way. That means pairing you up with someone like Luis, our local on the ground, for a very local meander through the backstreets."

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