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7 reasons to visit the Picos de Europa: #2 A Picos pace

Written by Pura Aventura | 3rd July 2020 |


Spain picos de europa liebana meadow c dmartin

This article forms one of a seven-part series showcasing how we could share Spain's Picos de Europa with you and your walking boots. You can find an overview of all seven reasons here. Enjoy reading and if it inspires you to come and see it all for yourself, you'll find links to some trip ideas and a direct line to a team of people who'd love to help you plan a visit to somewhere so close to our hearts.

#2. A Picos pace

Walking through the ever-changing scenery described in reason one is the best way we know to slow down to a pace befitting your surroundings. Not only do you get to enjoy nature at your own rhythm, on your own terms, you also get glimpses into traditional ways of life which are being kept alive in the high pastures and mountains, perhaps by the last generations to do so.

The pace of life in the Picos is still dictated by the rural daily tasks. The sounds are still those that we imagine when we think of a countryside, where cattle roams in the hills, birds fill the meadows and forests and people in the villages do such unfashionable things as sitting down in the front of their houses to chat with their neighbour while they clean the beans they just picked from their orchard.

Slowing down to a Picos kind of paceSlowing down to a Picos kind of pace

A perfect day in the Picos is pretty close to the perfect formula of happiness; a hearty breakfast and coffee, followed by a five-hour walk through beautiful scenery that becomes eight hours as you stop along the way to watch the birds, soak in the views and enjoy an extended picnic in the hills. Make it back to your village inn around 5pm to put your feet up, sip a well-earned drink and chat with your hosts before a delicious homemade dinner, served at the Spanish hour.

After a good day’s exercise in the crisply fresh mountain air, tuck into a hearty home-cooked meal, after which we defy anyone not to sleep like a log.

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