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7 reasons to visit the Pyrenees: #5 Skiing at its best

Written by Pura Aventura | 2nd June 2020 |


Spain pyrenees ski cerler skier gentle slope

This article is part of our seven-part series which showcases how we'd love to share the Spanish Pyrenees with you. You can find an overview of all seven reasons here, or read on using the links after the article below. We hope you enjoy reading. Number five takes us onto the peaceful slopes of Cerler in the high snow-covered mountains.

#5. Skiing at its best

Cerler is skiing at its best: relaxed, fun and beautiful. Days are spent on uncrowded pistes, with no lift queues and where no one cares what brand of goggles you’re wearing. Evenings are spent in cosy stonework restaurants where someone cooks you a steak on an open fire to be washed down with excellent and inexpensive wine.

The resort sits high in the only valley in the Spanish Pyrenees which doesn’t connect with France. It is therefore quiet and little known outside of Spain. Really, it's a small Spanish village with a ski resort tacked on the edge. Resort isn’t actually a great description. Cerler really feels more like someone just happened to drop a load of pistes and chairlifts next to a charming Pyrenean village. The people who built the first lifts there still live in the village - it was a sort of community enterprise. And it's that sense of a community which gives it a rather lovely atmosphere, very relaxed, friendly and almost never crowded.

Nordic skiing at Cerler

Cerler works particularly well for families, both young and multi-generational, as well as groups of friends of mixed ability. There’s also skiing to suit all levels, from improving beginners to nervous returnees, intermediate to advanced.

We take care of your kit hire, lift passes and lessons, as well as giving you all the local advice you’ll need. With our own people looking after you throughout your stay, this trip is a great chance to blend directly into local life, as well as enjoy top notch skiing on peaceful slopes. More details are found here.

For a two-part snow-based trip, we could also include some time at Llanos del Hospital to get you out Nordic skiing and snowshoeing. Do let us know if you’re interested and we’ll email you over full details.

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