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Alarna joins the Pura team

Written by Laurent Escobar | 28th October 2017 |


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We think it is time to introduce you to Alarna Ring, as she joined the team this last summer. Alarna is the new Team Leader, she’s here to oversee and support the sales team to ensure enquiries are being dealt with in the best possible way, keeping our customers happy and experiencing the most amazing holidays.

Originally from Shoreham, Alarna is still based in Sussex. Fortunately, her parents always kept her and her brother entertained with several holidays each year so they would get to know the world beyond Sussex!

New cultures were introduced at such an early age that it was natural for her to go straight into the travel industry when she left school. So she started in the package world of water-sports and ski trips, where she happily got to practice these sports herself in order to help customers with their holidays.

After nine years of doing that, she felt the need to venture out and eventually decided it was time to travel the world. She then packed her stuff and went for a six-month trip to the East and West: India, China, Japan and Latin America.

After returning from this trip of a lifetime, she applied to a specialist round-the-world company and worked there for the past six years, creating trips just like her own. Alarna was really passionate about sharing her knowledge of travelling the world and giving advice on how to enjoy every single moment of an outstanding trip like that.

But then she felt it was time for a new challenge and that’s when she came across Pura Aventura. Latin America being by far one of her favourite destinations, she knew she had to join the team! And so she’s now here with us.

Other than that, an interesting fact about Alarna is that whilst she’s a true fitness and outdoors enthusiast, food is in fact her guilty pleasure: both cooking and eating, she confesses. But she believes sport balances out her passion for food and keeps her healthy so that’s okay.

Alarna is here on the end of the phone 01273 676 712 to organise your bookings in Spain and Latin America, in the meantime here she leaves her top tip:

‘Have some sort of plan prior to arriving in each place you visit. It’s so much better to do a little research prior to your trip so you get the most out of where you are going and don’t miss out!’


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