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Greta joins the Pura team

Written by Laurent Escobar | 17th October 2016 |

Category: People

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I am delighted to introduce you to Greta Leipute, who joined us last month to work in the operations team. It’s her job to make sure that your holidays happen exactly as they are supposed to, down to the last detail. Having come to us from a travel company which specialises in Cuba and its notoriously hard to pin down suppliers, Greta knows how to efficiently handle the vagaries of Latin America.

Greta is from Vilnius, Lithuania, but came to the UK to study equine business management at the University of Essex. Her love of horses also introduced her to Spain as she spent a couple of months volunteering in a horse rescue centre in a remote village in Almería’s Sierra de las Estancias mountain range.

It was Greta’s job to look after 30 horses and lead rides out into the unspoilt Andalucian countryside on the outskirts of the whitewashed village of Partaloa. This experience also led her to visit many breeding yards and see how horses are trained and cared for in the traditional Spanish way. If you don’t know Andalucia, the equine culture there is amongst the strongest in the world.

Besides the amazing rides, her favourite memories are of the delicious food and live music played in the local tapas bars of Almería.

Now here with us in Brighton, Greta doesn’t get to ride so often so has replaced dancing horses with dancing on her own two feet, she’s a competition level Lindy Hopper. For anyone not familiar with it, it’s a frenetic swing dance which came out of 1920s Harlem. Having spent an evening being completely baffled by it, I can but admire anyone who stays upright, let alone stays in time.

We hope Greta will be happy discovering the Latin American gems we love so much, presumably appreciating the gaucho culture of Chile and Argentina in particular. One of Greta’s dreams is to one day create a purely equestrian holiday package for other horse lovers like her.

Greta will certainly be writing more about her passions here in the near future but in the meantime, she’s here on the end of the phone 01273 676 712 to organise your bookings in Spain and Latin America.

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