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Pura Aventura Expert: Kristina

Written by Laurent Escobar | 8th December 2014 |

Category: People

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As we are approaching 2015, we welcome Kristina Rudge to the Pura Aventura team. She joins us as a travel consultant so is here to help design the best trips for our clients.

Kristina has a very lively story. Already as a child she was fascinated by Latin America, reading lots of adventure stories and watching cartoons featuring 'cities of gold'. At university she chose to study Comparative American Studies, leading her to discover Mexico in the year 2000. As she says 'My time in Mexico proved that I was never destined to be an armchair Latin American traveller'. There, she learned to explore a country from the inside: getting to know people, traditions, food and wildlife for an entire year.

Heading back to the UK to complete her degree, she ended up in the world of work for a few years until 2006 when she took a holiday to South America for the first time, hiking in southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

It was this holiday which unveiled the spectacular beauty of Latin America so she vowed to return one day. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Kristina left her job soon afterwards and bought a one-way ticket to Argentina. And that's not metaphorical, she actually did.

For the first few months she was in Patagonia, around the Bariloche area, researching endangered species and habitats. Her day to day work involved counting condors and other birds of prey or searching for evidence of wild boar activity in the monkey-puzzle forests.

Leaving the lakes behind, she backpacked from Argentina to Peru via Bolivia, which is quite a long way. On arrival in Lima she decided to settle down for a while. And so time flies, five years elapsed, living in Lima but punctuated by travels to Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, the Galapagos, Chile and Easter Island.

Thankfully she eventually felt the urge to come back to the UK and thought that Brighton might be interesting. Never one to shy away from a challenge, so it is that she has washed up on our shores and is settling in to what we hope is a long and happy time with us here at Pura Aventura.

She very much 'gets' our culture and what makes us tick so we couldn't resist asking her to join the team. As Kristina said during her interview: 'Often the most memorable moments are something spontaneous or unexpected, a connection with local people, a recommendation that takes you off the beaten track for the day, or a particular dish you would never have tried otherwise.'

She will be writing more about her travels and passions here in the near future but for now, she is on the end of the phone 01273 676 712 to answer your questions and create the best possible holidays for our guests. She's also on kristina[@]

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