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LATA Foundation Latin America Quiz: the questions

Written by Pura Aventura | 31st July 2020 |

Category: Knowledge

Chile atacama flamingoes

Last week a group of us put our knowledge of Latin America to the test in an online pub quiz hosted by the LATA Foundation.

It didn't go well.

So we thought we'd let you lot have a go and test your knowledge on Paraguayan beverages and Latin America's reggaeton scene. Good luck and if you'd like to make a donation to the LATA Foundation or just find out about what they do, please visit their website for full details.

Click here for the answers when you're done.

Round 1: General knowledge

Q1: Name all the countries bordering the Amazon Jungle

Q2: When did Charles Darwin visit the Galapagos Islands?

Q3: Who is the Latin American author in the picture?

Lata Quiz
© M. Cody Pickens Photography 2014

Q4: Which country is formerly known as Upper Peru?

Q5: In what year was the construction of the Panama Canal started?

Q6: What is the highest mountain in South America?

Q7: Which team has won the Copa America the most times?

Bonus: How many times have they won it?

Q8: Which Central American country hosted the Summer Olympics in 1968?

Round 2: Birds

Q1: The Harpy Eagle is the national bird of which country?

Q2: What is the full name of the largest Toucan in Central and South America?

Q3: What is the name of the smallest hummingbird in Latin America?

Bonus: In which country is it found?

Q4: What is the full name of the elusive bright green, red and blue bird with a long tail found in Central America?

Q5: How does the Guianan Cock of the Rock differ from the Andean Cock of the rock?

Q6: What are the 3 species of Flamingo that live in South America?

Q7: What is the largest bird in South America?

Q8: Why are Boobies (blue footed, red footed, Peruvian etc.) called boobies?

Round 3: Food & Drink

Q1: What is the name of a Brazilian BBQ?

Q2: What is the main ingredient in the drink Mauby?

Q3: Which restaurant in South America was awarded 6th best restaurant in the world in 2019?

Q4: Which 2 spices are commonly found in Mexican hot chocolate?

Q5: What is this an anagram of: ACINIRAHIP

Q6: What is the name of Colombia and Venezuela’s flat bread made from cornmeal?

Q7: Which country is a salteña from, and what kind of food is it?

Q8: What is the name of the traditional Paraguayan drink in the image?

Lata Quiz 2

Round 4: Music

Q1: Name these singers

LATA Quiz 3

Q2: Which famous reggaeton song is behind the most watched Youtube video of all times (with over 6.8 billion viewers)?

Bonus: Name the singer

Q3: Which music genre from Bahia has its roots in African, Caribbean, and Brazilian music, drawing inspiration from reggae and calypso?

Q4: Which famous reggaeton singer has won 5 billboard Latin Music Awards, 4 Latin Grammies, 2 MTV Video Music Awards, 4 Latin American Music Awards, and is the only Latin American born singer on Barak Obama’s Summer Playlist 2019?

Q5: In 2014, Hawaiian dancers Brett and Jennifer Griswold danced for 38 hours and 30 minutes, what dance was it?

Click here for the answers... if you dare.

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LATA Foundation Latin America Quiz: the answers

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