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Pura Aventura's highlights of 2014

Written by Thomas Power | 1st January 2015 |

Category: Stories

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The unveiling of our new look in March this year was momentous. Not because we got a shiny new website but because, for the first time, we had a brand. Which is to say, we took time to properly define and understand our values. This in turn shines a light on our customers, and on our not customers.

To Travel is to Live sums up our belief that travel is transformative and positive, that it makes us better versions of ourselves. Anyone who goes away to switch off is not going to be coming on holiday with us. The brand has allowed us to clearly signpost what we do, and what we dont do  hopefully to benefit of us all.

Another blindingly obvious truth to emerge is that, if To Travel is to Live then we need to be travelling as much as possible. People come to us for expertise and passion so its our job to keep accumulating the expertise and experience that our customers rightly expect of us.

Where before our trips away tended to be planned far in advance, in 2014 we added in some much more nimbly arranged journeys to Andalucia, Antarctica and Catalonia. 2015 looks to be busier yet with more Andalucia, Peru, Chile, Basque Country, Brazil and Ecuador all lined up. To be fair, there are a few more of us now than there were at the start of 2014 so the travelling will be spread out across a few more people.

New holidays are coming on line at a rate of knots with several new holidays in Spain, Peru, Chile and Brazil planned for 2015. Thats what happens when you get involved with a PR agency, they want lots of new things from you!

So it feels like we have been speeding up through 2014 and are now really picking up momentum for 2015. It is an incredibly exciting time for all of us here, I genuinely believe that we are doing a better job for our customers than has ever been the case before.

This is reflected in our ratings. I am delighted to announce that 2014 has seen us achieve the rare distinction of a 100% positive rating with Feefo, the independent review specialists. In fact, Pura Aventura has not had a negative review on Feefo since early 2013. This is incredibly rare and makes us very proud, particularly given the complex nature of so many of our holidays.

And yet, we can still get better in 2015. At 44% our response rates are considered remarkable (Feefos sitewide average is 16%) but they could be higher. Plus, resting on laurels is not exactly an option since a bad review or two would quickly wipe the smiles off our facescomplacency is not a trap we want to fall into.

So from here, its a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has trusted us to make their holiday for them in 2014 and an assurance that well be working even harder in 2015. Two consecutive years of 100%, now that really would be something.

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