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Spain’s Medieval Markets

Written by Laurent Escobar | 6th June 2018 |

Category: Knowledge, Spain

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Would you like to travel back in time? Then Spain’s medieval markets are the place for you.

Especially common during the Summer, every year many Spanish towns and villages reenact part of their history and culture during medieval shows, craft and food markets.

Local people attempt to recreate the atmosphere, festivities, and delicacies that were once popular during the Middle Ages. From theatrical shows to street performance (falconry, live puppeteers, dances, parades…), firework displays, and even animal rides to keep the children happy, most medieval markets in Spain come complete with battle reenactments and role playing of historical characters.

This all tends to take place around historical monuments, such as fortresses or castles, where streets are decorated with standards and banners, and the ground is covered in straw.

Often, the towns commemorate their own story of their liberation from Moorish domination in the Middle Ages, however others have something totally different and unrelated to the Reconquista. For instance, in Catoira they reenact a Viking invasion that occurred a thousand years ago, while in Trasmoz they perform witch hunts!

As you stroll through the stalls of the craft and food market you’ll be able to purchase a great selection of homemade products: jewellery, ceramics, leather goods, dream catchers, handmade soap, artisan candles, but also food such as spices, sweets, bread, honey and cheeses.

In some places such as in Ribadavia, you’ll even be required to exchange your money for Marevedies, the medieval money. Potters, blacksmiths and carpenters are sometimes available to show you how they used to work in times gone by. All in all they are a very different side to Spain, and a great deal of fun.

If you’re travelling to Spain this Summer check out this list of some of the most popular medieval festivals available from June to September:

Benalmadena Medieval Market (Malaga): 18-20 May

Zaragoza Market of the Three Cultures (Segovia): 12-18 June

Sant Joan de les Abedesses Medieval Market (Girona): 15 June Programme

Briones Medieval Fair (La Rioja): 16-17 June Programme

Alicante Medieval Fair (Alicante): 23-27 June

Hita Medieval Theatre Festival (Guadalajara): 7 July Programme

Trasmoz Witchcraft and Magic Festival (Zaragoza): 7 July Programme

Zalmea La Real Muslim-Christian Festival (Huelva): 12-15 July Programme

Covarrubias Cherry and Medieval Fair (Burgos): 14-15 July Programme

Sepulveda Medieval Market (Segovia): Feria de los Fueros - 14-15 July

Catoira Viking Festival (Pontevedra): 5 August Programme

Consuegra Medieval Fair (Toledo): 11-13 August Programme

Puebla de Sanabria Mediaeval Market (Zamora): 11-13 August

Ribadavia Medieval Fair (Ourense): 27-29 August Programme

Calafell Medieval Fair (Tarragona): 1-2 September

Arnedo Medieval Market of Kan de Vico (La Rioja): 1-2 September Programme

Besalú Medieval Fair (Girona): 1-2 September Programme

Avila Medieval Fair (Avila): 7-9 September Programme

Artasona Medieval Fair (Huesca): 8-9 September

Guadix Cascamorras Festival (Granada): 9 Septembre Programme

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