Home to gauchos, tango, salt flats and sand dunes

Argentina is a vast country with some of the most awesome landscapes in South America. Glaciers, deserts, mountains, lakes, wild coastlines and some of the best trekking in South America. As well as the landscapes there is the wonderful food and wine, so at the end of an amazing day of hiking or wildlife watching you can treat your body to the best steaks and wine. For us, the outstanding highlights are the gloriously remote high desert landscapes near Salta and the dramatic mountains, glaciers and wildlife of Patagonia.

Argentina Uncovered

From the thundering waters of Iguassú Falls to the dry heights of Salta, from the rich green vineyards of Mendoza to the radiating blueness of Patagonia’s glaciers, enjoy the very best of Argentina in one brilliant journey.

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Northern Argentina

Salt flats, turquoise lagoons and colossal sand dunes: wilderness and profound silence. This is the great outdoors of Argentina’s north-west, is a place to appreciate nature’s total raw beauty and the luxury of having a private driver-guide.

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Patagonia Uncovered

The remarkable wildlife of the Valdes Peninsula, the mountains and glaciers of Fitzroy National Park and even a cruise to Cape Horn feature in this tailor-made journey through Argentine Patagonia.

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