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Galapagos islands medium Galapagos Islands

Wildlife paradise

The Galapagos Islands are a model of conservation, a window into a world where humans are not considered predators. From sneezing marine iguanas to lumbering giant tortoises, or friendly sea lions, visiting the islands lets you observe the wonderful process of evolution at close range. To travel to the Galapagos Islands is a privilege.

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Snorkel with penguins and turtles, walk along the beach as the sun goes down, or hike to a volcano summit on your guided wildlife journey around the Galapagos Islands, staying on three different islands.

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The classic Galapagos wildlife experience is to visit the islands whilst staying on a small boat. We specialise in finding the best of the smaller boats, typically 16 to 20 passengers, for cruises lasting at least five days though more often a full week or 10 days.

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Why choose if you don't have to? Combine a comprehensive five night cruise around the Galapagos on board the premium 16 passenger Sea Star Journey before ending with time on the delightful island of San Cristobal exploring from a land base.

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