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Travel Positive.

clouds in the amazon rainforest

We maximise the positive aspects of travel, are honest about the negative, and do something about fixing them.

We believe that travel is inherently a force for good. At its best, it creates confidence, open-mindedness, curiosity, fresh perspectives and new connections which enrich our lives enormously.

Direct relationships, direct benefits

Pura Aventura holidays are all about sharing the parts of Spain, Portugal and Latin America which have moved us. Some of these are well-known, many are not but all are places we know intimately. Because of this, we know exactly what we want to share and how – from the places you eat to the guides who meet you and the walks you take. The only way for us to achieve the level of tailoring we demand is, in large part, by going direct.

In 2019, 73% of all services for Pura Aventura holidays were booked directly, no middle-person. Our target for 2020 is 75%.

Going direct also ensures that the money you spend benefits mainly the people you meet along the way, creating a simple economic imperative for the preservation of the communities, landscapes and environments you are visiting.

Friend and partner guide Alberto Marín with Pura Aventura´s co founder Diego MartínFriend and partner guide Alberto Marín with Pura co founder Diego

Small is beautiful

Because we believe in the importance of personal connections when you travel, we love you to stay in owner-run hotels and lodges.

In 2019, 53% of nights on Pura Aventura holidays were spent in owner-run hotels. Our target for 2020 is 60%.

There are lots of great and special places to sleep which aren’t owner run – ships to Antarctica, boats in the Galapagos, Amazon Lodges - but by ensuring we use a majority of smaller hotels, we believe that it is easier for you to connect to your destination.

Carolina and Stefan from Mirador Guadal in PatagoniaCarolina and Stefan from Mirador Guadal in Patagonia

Less is more

Pura Aventura is committed to actively sell fewer holidays in order to maintain the quality of your experience. We stop selling trips when we consider a place to be ‘full’. In the case of our Inn to Inn walks, full is just you - we only allow one party to start each day. In remote Patagonia, full is when you overlap by more than a couple of nights with anyone else travelling with us. The care we take shows in the feedback we receive.

In 2019 Pura Aventura holidays received an average rating of 5.0/5.0 for service, 4.9/5.0 for product. Which is why we carry Feefo’s coveted 2020 Platinum rating.

Enjoying splendid isolation on our Picos Inn to InnEnjoying splendid isolation on our Picos Inn to Inn

Whilst Pura Aventura’s unique way of working makes great holidays which protect and benefit the places you visit, people are flying across the world to get there. In doing so, we are responsible for significant damage to our planet in the form of carbon emissions.

Carbon: going the extra mile

Given the climate emergency, we have no choice but to take decisive action to mitigate this damage. Since 1st July 2019 we have been calculating every kilometre travelled by our team and clients on our holidays plus every flight taken to get there. Whether or not we book your flights to get there (we usually don’t) is irrelevant, we take responsibility for the carbon generated anyway.

However, simply balancing the scales isn't enough to claim that we are Travel Positive. Besides, we're bound to have missed some stuff, like some people flying business class. In fact, we go much further, 160% to be precise, and carbon balance every kilometre travelled by a mile instead of a kilometre.

From July - December 2019 our clients and staff travelled 8,653,015km by road and air. This has been independently audited to equate to 1,334 tonnes of CO2 generated. 8,653,015 miles equates to 2,135 tonnes of CO2 mitigated.

Nicaragua root project worker

For the carbon mitigation Pura Aventura works with a best in class Nicaraguan scheme based on reforestation of subsistence farms with long-term community involvement. 

Our investment is backdated so we can't and won't simply add it to the cost of your holiday. Nor is it an optional extra, our effort to mitigate environmental damage is a cost of our doing business responsibly so we budget for it along with salaries, rent and paperclips. We make less profit, but sleep more soundly.

Although we are acting decisively, we are not claiming perfection, we continue to listen and to learn. Carbon mitigation (aka: offset) is controversial, it is not absolution but it is an action we can take now. Ultimately, we must fly less often but when we do, we must be sure to stay a while, and Travel Positive.

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